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Horizon Resources Group is able  to provide management assistance to current and prospective small business owners.  It is able to give one-stop assistance to individuals and small businesses by providing a wide variety of guidance in developing, financing, and marketing their services and products.


Knowledgeable professional consultants

review and plan every step of your projects.

Present and future results are studied

and validated.



Development and Planning

Every potential is considered in any project.   Legal and Financial experts in their field study concerns to marketing and development plans. National and local concerns are reviewed for regulation and affect.



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Dedicated to Excellence


When the project is completed and underway, our support and management staff are there to oversee and continuing to guide and assist the Client in realizing his goal.  Knowledge is only as good as the ability to follow a project to completion.

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The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 74 percent of the children who were kidnapped and later found murdered were killed within the first three hours after they were abducted.  Time is the enemy in a child abduction, and a successful recovery requires an immediate and focused reaction

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