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The No. 1 Reason For Business Failure is there is not enough operating capital available to run and grow the Business. The reasons that cause a business to fail include not being able to pay payroll and payroll taxes, not being able to buy necessary inventory or raw materials in a timely fashion and not being able to purchase new equipment as needed to help the business grow at an unrestricted rate.

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Venture capital is high risk equity investment. Venture capital is generally difficult to obtain. In return for investing in your company, venture capitalists are looking for high returns (over 25% per year), a strong management team and potential sales/revenues in the millions of dollars.

Private individuals and small groups of investors with excess cash and an interest in financing small business are called venture capitalists. They seldom invest in new businesses or grant outright loans. But if you own a fast-growth company with good stability and need investors, you may want to approach a venture capital firm. Your company should have significant sales and a quality business plan before you expect serious venture capitalists to get involved. Be prepared to surrender part-ownership of the business in return for money.



Investors study businesses for potiential investment

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Every state has venture capital groups comprised of people with high cash flow situations who may be interested in your business. Venture capitalists fit almost any description. Some represent trusts and corporations, some have wealth from their own businesses and all are looking for high returns on their investment. Horizon Resources is well placed in finding these people through networking with accountants, lawyers and financial brokers. Experience can save time and make the difference for a client.

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