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           "Your Bridge to Total Connectability”!

National - International                Telecommunications


From Horizon Resources Group International Services


       "What can Universal Connect do for me?"

Universal Connect offers a complete virtual office to help you manage all of your communications and be more productive.  Contacts can reach you anytime, anywhere with just one number for all your incoming calls, voicemail, and fax. Now you can consolidate all of your emails into one account, retrieve them online or by phone, and be notified when new messages arrive. Plus, with anytime conferencing and long distance, you'll never be out of touch.


With State of the Art security features, you never have to provide your personal telephone numbers to anyone. You may change telephone companies and services (whether cellular or line), move to other cities or employment.  Your clients and friends can find you and you never have to provide notifications. Your Universal Connect number is all they need! They never loose contact and they can locate you anywhere!  Why loose business and friendships when you move or change employment. Change where your telephone number rings in less than 30 seconds anytime! Your number is your 24-hour FAX line and you never have to have a dedicated line! 


Call for a private demonstration and see what you can do with this new TOTAL CONNECTABILITY!



         Mass Notification and Messaging System

Our unique, data-gathering interface allows you to send customized information to a specified target audience, ranging from one to millions of individuals.  Using the customer's existing database, we send the message and provide real-time, instant feedback on delivery status - including individual results or responses - for the most effective results-tracking medium available.  It is the easiest and most effective web-based communications platform available to businesses today. 

The easy-to-use interface allows you to:

  • Make or Upload a Recording to be Sent
  • Create or Upload Lists for your calls (Databases)
  • Launch a Broadcast, picking your start-time
  • Decide whether to allow recipients to connect with you directly
  • Create a questionnaire with multiple response capabilities
  • Receive real-time online reports showing call completion and response status
  • Receive a detail Excel report for analysis


Contact us for a detailed discussion of your needs for routine or emergency notifications.  Early planning can provide you with a vehicle which is available in seconds when time is of the essence. Call 404-946-8010 for assistance.



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Horizon Resources Group Inc. is proud to present the best value in communications products and services available on the Internet today!

With our website absolutely dominating the search engines for the last decade, we helped people around the World to get the access to less expensive, yet highest quality services.





      What is  V. O. I. P. ?



Click Here to learn more on VoIP!


Visit our recommended VoIP provider for special rates and services which will make a big difference in your national and international telephone service now and in the future. You may keep your existing telephone number, receive great international rates, make unlimited local and long distance calls, all services and choose any area code you wish.  Have a local telephone number in any city or state! Look into it today!



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